Love is a beautiful thing. Caring for someone and having the gesture reciprocated brings butterflies to the belly. From the sword-clashing medieval days of courtly love to the current one-bent-knee proposals, you can’t but agree that we have come a long way. Regarding the former, critical events shaped how people lived and loved. And one significant event was the pandemic; nobody saw COVID19 coming. If only we could sue Nostradamus for not predicting such an unforgettable experience. Thankfully, those awful isolation days are over, but many are stuck regarding modern dating after the COVID period. Don’t be dismayed if you are like that; below are the top tips to steady your feet in the post-pandemic dating period. 


Are you feeling rusty in the dating realm? Or perhaps, you’re doing the ostrich by burying your head in the sand of fear? Dear, it’s safe to come and explore what you are missing. With the advent of technology, the proliferation of remote jobs has had many people work from home. That charming, handsome man or gorgeous lady may never physically cross your path. And fate can be pretty interesting. The partner of your dreams may be a few blocks away. Online dating comes in to boost your chances of finding that perfect match! These days, there are a plethora of dating sites or apps. However, valid fears can involve catfishing and serial killers, so you should only opt for trusted and reliable online dating services that conduct standard background checks on all applicants.


Sweaty palms, irregular heartbeats, nervousness, and spice of headaches, Sound familiar? These assumptions are not from a déjà vu doctor’s appointment but mere symptoms of meeting your crush for the first time. First dates can be such a nerve-wracking experience for most people. It’s even worse if you haven’t been in one since iPhone launched. Let’s save you the Google search, that’s since 2007! Awkwardness may be inevitable on first dates, so you should explore virtual pre-first dates. Virtual meet helps to calm your nerves and, of course, allows for better coherent speech. But the primary goal of the virtual meet is to prepare you for the real deal. It is akin to writing a mock exam, and you’ll be beaming with confidence when you meet in person.


After the emergence of the COVID vaccine, many individuals never overcame the fear of taking a step out of their homes except if it was necessary. The trauma of contracting COVID and recovering from the virus can be devastating, and as such, it may cause a mental defense mechanism of staying clear of social activities. But hey! Here you are, looking for a partner, and sorry, malls do not sell such products. You have to get up, stretch that back, head out and date with a vengeance. You should gauge your feelings and take yourself on a memorable outing before setting a date with someone you fancy.

It cannot be overemphasized how the post-pandemic period has changed how we live, especially how we develop relationships with people. However, to reach happiness packaged in loving relationships, you must evolve and be one with the new strategies to adapt to dating life today.

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