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Empowering love, not frustrating obstacles. Our winning combo of tech and heart gives you the best of both worlds with professional matchmaking services. Class, Courtship & Connection – your journey to true love starts here.

Connecting Hearts and Souls for 2 Decades - Our Story

Founded by Eric Maina; Requite Love is based in Austin, TX. It is more than just a matchmaking service website online – it’s a master of the game. With over two decades of experience, Eric has helped more people find true love than cupid himself.

But Requite Love is not just about making matches; we’re passionate about bringing back the lost art of class, courtship, and connection in today’s fast-paced, swipe-right culture. We believe true love goes beyond physical attraction, and we’re dedicated to helping you find that kind of love. We want to reignite the spark of romance and help you find meaningful connections that inspire you to be your best self.

As your trusted dating coach and online dating consultant, we’ll guide you through the ups and downs of the dating scene with our expert dating coach advice. We offer the best dating coaching courses and services to help you become a dating coach guy or gal yourself.

Our Mission

Love is more than just a feeling – it’s a force that can change the world. But in today’s fast-paced, digital world, it’s easy to lose sight of what really matters in a relationship.

At Requite Love, we’re on a mission to bring back the sweet, delicious taste of pure love. We’re committed to helping you experience that enduring force – that stands the test of time, inspires you to be your best self, and brings you closer together.

Our personalized matchmaking and date coaching services are designed to navigate you through the often-challenging world of dating with confidence and grace. Join us on a journey to love that will transform your life and the world around you.

Our Approach

Our bespoke approach to matchmaking is tailored to your unique needs, so you feel seen, heard, and understood.

We’re not just another run-of-the-mill dating coach for men or dating coach for women. We’re relationship experts and experienced psychologists, providing guidance, coaching, and feedback of only the highest quality.

Finding true love is a life-changing journey of growth and self-knowledge, so we strive to provide the best dating coaching services online and offline. With our expert dating advice, you can eliminate dating uncertainty and focus on forging deeper, more meaningful connections.

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We Care About Your Dating Success


Connecting hearts is our passion. Witnessing a genuine connection between two people is what drives us. It's not just our business. It's our passion. We're in the business of love, and we wouldn't have it any other way.


Your privacy is our top priority. We keep your love life under lock and key. Our matchmakers value your preferences and keep your dating journey confidential. We are sworn to secrecy and treat your dating journey like a classified mission.


Empathy is at the heart of our matchmaking process. Finding love can be an emotional rollercoaster, so we provide a supportive environment to help you handle the ups and downs. We listen, offer guidance, and provide a compassionate ear whenever needed - you'll never feel alone.


We strive to level up your dating game with our 20+ years of matchmaking and date coaching expertise. From first dates to forever after, we coach you to success - as your trusty co-captains, helping you sail smoothly towards the shores of love.


In a world of swiping and fleeting connections, we're all about bringing back the pure elegance and class of old-school romance. From refined introductions to tailored coaching, we help you become the epitome of grace and confidence.

Eric Maina - Our Founder

Meet Eric Maina, the passionate founder of Requite Love. From a young age, Eric was inspired by the great love stories and philosophies that celebrated loving someone for who they are, not just what they are.

With a genuine desire to help people find true love, Eric decided to become a world-class matchmaker and dating coach.

His approach is grounded in authenticity, empathy, and a deep understanding of human connection. Whether you’re a man or a woman, looking for expert dating advice online, or seeking in-person coaching in Austin, Texas, Eric has the expertise to guide you through the dating process.

Eric believes love should be celebrated for the unique qualities that make each person special. He doesn’t believe in fitting people into boxes or labels but in creating deep, meaningful connections that transcend stereotypes. And did you know that Eric’s matchmaking journey began in Kenya?

As a matchmaker in Kenya, Eric discovered the true power of matchmaking, which goes beyond finding two people who look good on paper – it’s about connecting two souls meant to be together.

When he founded Requite Love, he knew he wanted to create a different matchmaking service – one that was rooted in authenticity, empathy, and a deep understanding of human connection.

Eric has helped countless people find true love and happiness through his work, making him a true inspiration to those who believe in the power of love. Join him in a mission to bring back the taste of pure love and celebrate meaningful connections that last a lifetime.

Let’s find the kind of love you’ve always been waiting for!
Eric Maina

Eric Maina

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