Exclusive Matchmaking For Austin Men with Women from Russia & Ukraine

* A Special Message for Single Men Who Are Currently Living in or around Austin Texas *

Requite Love offers personalized matchmaking for Austin men, that connect you with incredible women from Russia and Ukraine. We’re dedicated to ensuring your search for a long-term relationship or marriage is a success.



Why Not Let Us Find The Perfect
Soul Mate Just For You?
matchmaking for Austin Men

Matchmaking for Austin Men

We get it…

Trying to balance work and social life and finding that special someone can feel like spinning plates on a unicycle. In this fast-paced world, finding the time and energy for it all is tough. 

But… imagine you come home after a long day at work, tired and drained from the hustle and bustle of life. 

But instead of logging onto a dating app and swiping endlessly, you open your email to find a message from us – your premier matchmaking for Austin men. “Congratulations,” it reads. “We’ve found your perfect match.”

Imagine the feeling of butterflies in your stomach as you eagerly anticipate meeting your soul mate. 

You arrive at the restaurant, and she is – the woman of your dreams. You connect instantly, and the conversation flows like a river. It’s like you’ve known each other your whole life.

At Requite Love, we believe everyone deserves a chance at love and are dedicated to helping you find it. 

Our expert matchmaking and dating coaching in Austin, TX, is dedicated to helping you find the love you deserve.

Here at Requite Love, we…

  • Help busy Austin men connect with vetted single women from Russia and Ukraine.
  • Value transparency, trust, reliability, and integrity in everything we do and offer
  • Ensure privacy & protection for our clients during the entire matchmaking process.
  • Have 20+ years of matchmaking experience and are 100% focused on your success
  • Offer various matchmaking packages that meet your specified budget.
One of Our Matchmaking Experts

Before you ever spend a single penny with us, we’d like to learn more about the perfect “dream” woman you’re seeking. 

No strings attached – this is a chance for us to get to know you and for you to meet us. There’s no cost and no obligation to purchase anything from us. Whether you’re looking for a dating coach in Austin, Texas, or seeking high-quality matchmaking for Austin men, don’t hesitate!

Take advantage of this free consultation. Simply fill out the short form below to get yourself booked during a time that works best for your busy schedule – and let us help you make your dating dreams a reality!

Looking to up your dating game? Our one-on-one dating coaching Austin, tx, eBooks, courses,  and other online resources are here to save the day. Learn more here.

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