My Online Dating Experience

My Online Dating Experience: If you thought the world of online dating was going to be easy…or fun, you’ve probably been severely disappointed.

The world of online dating is a vortex. You end up scrolling through little thumbnail-sized pictures of people…who you’re not even sure if they are real or not, for hours.

It soon becomes apparent that trying to find Bigfoot would be easier than trying to find someone who seems suitable enough to date.

Here are the five levels of online dating fury:

Optimistically join a dating site because the people on the front page look attractive. You think “Hey! If there are people who look like this, count me in! They seem normal!”

You scroll through the photos trying to find someone who catches your eye. Unfortunately, you’re pretty sure most of the people on the site who live near you are using the one good photo they had of themselves from 1998.

You understand looks aren’t everything and try to find someone with common interests. “Wait,” you think. “Why is everyone describing themselves as laid back, wine lovers who like long walks on the beach?” Now, it’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t seem pretty cool. Except for that crazy cat person who mentions how much they love their cat about 300 times in their profile. Maybe steer clear of that one.

You finally narrow it down to someone who piques your interest you message them…and never hear back.

You decide to spam 50 people in the hope of getting at least one or two responses. Finally, you do get a response…and the person admits they aren’t the person in the profile photo. Ugh.

Online dating shouldn’t be so hard. As a matter of fact, it should be easier than the old days of having to go to a bar or be set up by a friend, leaving you feeling all awkward.

So, why is online dating so absurdly infuriating?

Why does it seem like the one time you actually meet someone for a date after hours of searching online, they are nothing at all like you expected?

Sometimes it feels like online dating is like trying to figure out how to catch a leprechaun.

You’re pretty sure they exist, and hey, you couldn’t spot Bigfoot, so how about trying to find a leprechaun who has a pot of gold too?

Fortunately, there is a better way.

No more five levels of fury – only real people who care about finding the perfect partner.

Maybe Bigfoot and a Leprechaun don’t have profiles (neither do mermaids or garden gnomes) – but real people who are looking for a real match do.

Stop being annoyed and start meeting real, interesting, available people just like you.

Now that’s way better than a pot of gold.

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