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Physical Intimacy

Physical Intimacy: “The most powerful weapon on earth is a human soul on fire because the mind, body, and heart are not just vessels to be filled but to be kindled.”

4 Pro – Tips on how to keep the Fire Burning:

Set your bedroom bully free:

In essence, this just means that you need to be comfortable enough to talk about your fetishism, dreams, and what you are currently capable of performing. You could either be a very feisty individual in bed, very cuddly, very playful, or someone who loves role-playing. Either way, you need to let it be known, and by doing that, you set your inner animal free by being open about your expectations and fantasies.

Get out of your comfort zone:

Discover new activities and share different romantic experiences that you both will never forget. Try doing things that will accommodate both of your personalities. If one partner is outdoorsy and the other loves Netflix and chill, it is always a great idea to get out of each other’s comfort zones from time to time and create new memories.

Public display of affection:

It has been rumored that holding hands is more intimate than kissing. It has also been mentioned that it is therapeutic. Touch each other more openly, hold hands as you walk or as you wait for a meal in a restaurant, give a reassuring kiss on the forehead, ruffle each other’s hair, caress each other’s necks gaze longingly and deeply into each other’s eyes. Whisper lovingly forbidden things into each other’s ears. Hold her knee softly, stroke his goatee, all it takes is a gentle touch. Life is after all, but one. So do it as you mean it.

Demonstrate open communication 

One man’s meat is another man’s poison; with that said, do not be afraid to say what you are comfortable exploring during physical intimacy and what limits to exceed. It is very okay to have boundaries. This is to ensure compatibility and meet each other’s expectations midway. For instance, a partner may be facing social anxiety disorder, and therefore holding hands would most likely not be something they would enjoy doing in public for a while.

Or one who has past relationship traumas and is afraid to be spanked. It’s therefore very important to communicate honestly and openly about what works for each partner without being condescending or gaslighting parts of their personality they feel uncomfortable about. Instead, open communication is meant to strengthen, uplift, and enhance confidence in the other person whether they get to be our life partners or not.

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